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Pure Wax Cafe Sugaring Menu

There is a $10 surcharge on all prices 
 (excluding brows) for males where not already specified in the price list.

Sugaring Face
Brow Design      $27
Brow Touch up  $22 ( 2 wks)
Lip              $20
Chin           $20
Neck(Front & Back)  $28
Sideburns   $20
Full Face (excludes Brows & neck) $55

Sugaring Body
 Half Arm    $33
Full Arm    $53
Under Arm $35
Half leg      $60
Full Leg     $120
Half Back   $55
Full Back (Includes neck & shoulders)  $110
Chest        $55
Stomach   $55
Ist Bikini Sugaring   $78 ( Includes Vfacial )
Bikini Sugaring Maintenance $48 ( Includes Vfacial )
Brazilian Sugaring Maintenance   $98 ( Includes Vfacial )
Ist Time Brazilian  $128 ( Includes Vfacial )
"V" Facial   $30 (Steam,  Charocal Mask, and Micodermabrasion on the  pubic area for easier hair removal and less pain ) Value $100
 * Considered Ist time after 4 weeks or more.
Manzilian Sugaring  $118 ( Includes Vfacial )
Backside   $43
Inner Backside $35

Sugaring Tips

  • What is body sugar hair removal?

It’s an ancient Egyptian art using a water-soluble sugar paste to extract unwanted hairs. 

Sugaring exfoliates the skin, softens outgrowth with no more rough stubble, reducing ingrown hairs, no more razor burn or cuts, and over time becomes permanent.

The Biggest Difference between Sugaring  and Waxing?

While wax adheres to hair and skin as demonstrated in the picture above sugar does not because it is water soluble, thus adhering to the hair and dead skin cells exfoliating the area very well.

  • How does sugaring work?

A licensed, female Esthetician applies the sugar paste and then uses a gentle flicking motion to remove hair in the natural direction of the growth. Sugaring does not adhere to live skin cells (like wax does) and therefore does not leave unwanted residue or discomfort.

  • How important is skin care prior to removal? Hair lives in the skin so therefore it is vital to prepare the skin before any extraction. When the skin is properly hydrated, it will release the hair without irritation. We highly recommend The "V" Facial or The Balancing Mask before sugaring or waxing. 

  • What is the sugared paste (besides sugar)?

Lemon and water.

  • I have sensitive skin. Will it cause me to break out?

No! It’s hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (which means that it doesn’t block pores).

  • What temperature is the sugar paste?

It’s lukewarm, which means it can’t ever burn your skin.

  • The hair must be at least 1/8 of an inch long or have 3 days outgrowth to be removed successfully.
  • The first  appointment is the most painful, by the second will be much easier.  We highly recommend our numbing cream (Relax & Wax)
  • Getting a brazilian? You should trim all thick areas down to 1/2 of an inch.
  • Please, no sun bathing 48 hrs prior to hair removal.
  • Come to your appointment freshly showered and clean of ALL oils and lotions.
  • Loofah or gently exfoliate your skin prior to your appointment.
  • Wear loose clothing.
  • The client will sign a waiver of liability, detailing all the facts of the sugaring/waxing procedure. If in fact you are having any kind of bikini / brazilian wax, you will be offered options:
  • Keep your panties on
  • Wear a disposable panty
  • Go nude
  • The Esthetician will prepare the area. Your Esthetician will then determine which Wax or Sugar is best suite for your skin type.
  • Sugaring
  • Strip Wax
  • Hard Wax
  • The appointment can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the area.  The waxing site will then be cleansed of any excess wax, and them cooled down with an aloe gel or coconut oil.
  • The Pain Factor, things to reduce the sting:
  • Take over the counter Pain Killer (caution: some medications are blood thinners increasing chance of bruising during service, use non-blood thinning products. (Ask your doctor for advice on which one to choose. )
  • The first wax or sugar is the most painful, by the second wax it will be much easier.  The third and fourth wax will be even better, you will then start to have roughly the same discomfort each time.  The hair follicle is not as deep in the skin and has a barely any blood supply if you come every 2-3 weeks to start.
  • *** If you have a low pain tolerance, we highly recommend our numbing cream (Relax & Wax) be applied to any sensitive areas: (face, eyebrows, brazilian, etc.)  You must come in ahead of time to purchase the cream it must be applied 45 minutes prior to waxing and washed with soap right before your appointment.
  • Clients can take an antacid or antihistamine, 10-20 minutes prior to hair removal.  An antacid can reduce the acid in your system thus reducing sensitivity.  An antihistamine can help prevent swelling due to inflammation in the body.
  • Ideally, clients should have little or no caffeine in their systems. Caffeine heightens sensitivity.
  • Sugaring or Waxing during your menstrual. During your cycle your body is more sensitive due to hormonal changes, thus causing the treatment to be more painful,  although we have many regular visitors that end up removing hair during their cycle who have no problems! 
  • Home Care: Skin care is essential when removing hair. The hair lives in the skin therefore the healthier the skin, the easier the extraction. During your service the "V" facial  is administered and should be done at home once a week.
  • Step 1: Cleanse the area well
  • Step 2: Soak in a seasalt bath or  apply seasalt compress by adding salt to a bowl of warm water, dip cloth into water ringing excess water out of cloth ans hold cloth against skin for 10 seconds or until cool and repeat 3 times. This is done once a week
  • Step 3: Apply mud mask in a thin layer, allow it to dry 3-5 mins the rinse with warm water. This is done once a week
  • Step 4: Exfoliate area with body polish or body brush for 2 minutes daily. This will prevent ingrown hairs. Wait 48 hours after service to exfoliate.
  • Step 5: Moisturize area daily 
These steps will ensure beautiful supple skin!

** Important Pure Wax Cafe' Policy. Before sugaring please notify us if you are using any exfoliating creams (alpha hydroxy acids, retin A, glycolic).  Accutane as well as other medications this can cause serious side effects such as scabbing. You Must Be 18years or Older To Have Sugaring Done, Please bring a parent or guardian to sign a consent form for you if you are not 18.***

A Credit Card Deposit is required for all services . A 24 hour notice is required for cancellations or you will be charged 100% of the service price. No children allowed. Thank you for your cooperation. 

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